October personal faves | Stockholm barnfotograf

Big cups of hot chocolate outside, chunky sweaters and scarves, log fires, candlelit dinners, crunchy leaves and if you're really, really lucky beautiful light - these are a few of my favourite things about October.  It's such a cozy month.  So much better than November when all I want to do is eat and sleep.  Basically, I become a bear in November, and maybe December and possibly January too. 

Here are a few of my favourites from October.  And yes, our dog Riley really is that cute.  No Photoshop trickery has been used to enhance his gorgeousness ;)

You can leave your hat on | Stockholm barnfotograf

I never wear hats.  Unless it's -20 degrees outside, but even then it's usually my husband shoving one on my head while I try and shoo him away.  However, I LOVE them in pictures!  I'm always looking for cute hats for my girls.  One of these days I'm going to do a collage of all my favourite hat pictures and then you'll have photographic evidence that I really do love a nice hat in a photo!

In other news, autumn is here and I finally got to take some personal pictures! :)

When two become three | Stockholm barnfotograf

It's so great to meet someone who really values photography and understands the importance of photographing your family regularly.  One such person is Nicky, fun-lovin' mom to these gorgeous twins.  It was my third time to photograph this delightful family, and can you imagine my excitement when I rocked up to their home and saw that they had just acquired a brand new, totally adorable, puppy!  We got lots of beautiful family images with their new little bundle, but as I mainly post just kids on the Jolly blog, you'll have to go to my Facebook business page to see the other shots. Oh, and how cool is this: the mom had seen my recent darker black and white images and asked if I could do something similiar for her kids!  I was only too happy to oblige!  See below :)

When summer ends on a perfect note | Stockholm barnfotograf

Sometimes everything just comes together in the most perfect, dreamy, harmonious way.  I'm talking about weather, light, clothes, energy, mood, EVERYTHING!  That's exactly what happened for this shoot - the last Jolly portrait session of the summer season.  These amazing, gentle boys are 7, 10 and 14, and while many parents only have their children photographed when they are babies or toddlers, this mom recognised that her boys are changing.  They are growing up.  Fast.  She wanted to capture them exactly as they are now in the summer of 2017. It is truly an honour to be of service to so many wonderful families and to help create their legacy walls :)