A midsummer fairy | Stockholm barnfotograf

Someone recently posted this comment on one of my images, "Your photos are absolutely beautiful!  Like something out of a fairy tale."  I cannot tell you how happy that comment made me!  As a kid, I loved fairy tales.  They appealed so much to my romantic, idealist, dreamer nature.  Even now, after everything I've been through in my personal life these last few years, I still want to believe in fairy tales, and hope I will always look at the world through rose-tinted glasses.

An evening wander | Stockholm barnfotograf

Nine. What a great age to photograph! 

One evening last week, this gorgeous girl and I walked, chatted, ate candy and created beautiful portraits.  Half way into our little adventure some big clouds rolled in and it started to rain.  I started to look around for some shelter, but my lovely subject turned to me and said, "I love to be out in the rain.  I feel so alive!"  Well, that was incentive enough for me to carry out taking pictures, and so we did!  A few mintues later, the rain cleared up and we skipped our way around the park because let's face it, life is better when you skip.

Goodbye Sweden! | Stockholm barnfotograf

Another Jolly portrait session that left me on a complete high for a whole week!  Seriously, I was buzzing after meeting this gorgeous family, who were full of postive energy and totally up for all my suggestions.  It was photography heaven for me!  These beautiful little ladies are leaving Sweden with their parents at the end of June to start the next chapter of their life.  We shot this session in Djurgården, which provided the perfect Swedish backdrop for a goodbye Sweden shoot.  Good times! :)