Tough weeks | Stockholm barnfotograf

Some weeks are just tougher than others, right?  I've come to the conclusion that those are the weeks where we need to up our self-care.   Do something kind for yourself - have a long soak in the tub, accompanied by a large glass of wine, take a walk in the woods, turn off your phone for a while, read an inspiring book, just be easy on yourself.  If we don't look after our engine, how do we survive the journey?

A midsummer fairy | Stockholm barnfotograf

Someone recently posted this comment on one of my images, "Your photos are absolutely beautiful!  Like something out of a fairy tale."  I cannot tell you how happy that comment made me!  As a kid, I loved fairy tales.  They appealed so much to my romantic, idealist, dreamer nature.  Even now, after everything I've been through in my personal life these last few years, I still want to believe in fairy tales, and hope I will always look at the world through rose-tinted glasses.