Kind words from happy clients...

“Vår upplevelse med Sandra Jolly som fotograf var helt fantastisk. Med föräldrar som inte är några “linslöss” & med två oberäkneliga barn är det helt makalöst att Sandra fick så många bra bilder. Vi är otroligt nöjda med hennes arbete; allt från fototillfället, kvalitén på bilderna till hennes service håller toppklass. Vi kan varmt rekommendera Sandra till andra som vill ha familjefoton för livet.”  Fam Liljendahl
And in English...
“Our experience with Sandra Jolly as a photographer was totally fantastic.  As parents who are not comfortable in front of the camera and with two unpredictable children, it’s completely amazing that Sandra captured so many good images. We are incredibly satisfied with her work, everything from the photo session, the quality of the images to her service was all top class. We can warmly recommend Sandra to others who want family images for life.”

“Anders and me, we are super, super happy with your work... you have exceeded our expectations...”  Raquel

"I was worried that the kids might not cooperate and that the apartment was unsuitable. Need not have worried. The girls loved Sandra and she was great with them. She also proved that she can take beautiful photos in any space."  Marianne                                                                                                                                                                        

"I had been looking for a photographer that could (and would) take natural photos of me.  It was important to me to look like my everyday self and not artifical.  In my profession I meet many, many talented photographers, but when I saw Sandra Jolly's photos on Facebook it was the first time I felt "this is someone I'm willing to use."  Honestly!"  Mona

"Amazing and friendly, professional photos, and outstanding at dealing with children."  Dalia

"Sandra took our photos on two occasions when we lived in Stockholm.  She was wonderful with the kids and the results were beyond my expectations on both occasions.  Sandra is a really talented but very modest children's photographer who is brilliant at natural poses, capturing each child's personality.  Sandra is also very open to meeting your wishes and needs as a client.  I get so many compliments about her photos from visitors to our home and I cannot recommend Sandra highly enough!  Investing in her photos of your children is in my opinion money very well spent.  You will not be disappointed"  Marianne

"I wanted to have really nice kids portraits and I saw many of Sandra's wonderful pictures, and guess what?!  I got them!"  Katrin

" We have enjoyed every moment.  You and Chris are really good at bringing the right atmosphere for a shoot."  Lise

"I found myself loving the portfolio on the Sandra Jolly Photography website and I thought, "If I love pictures of other people's children, then I know that I will love her photography of my children.  Sandra and Chris were wonderfully positive, patient with our children, and full of tricks to get the perfect pictures."  Lisa

"I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the shoot, which is important to me.  You were great as a 'director', choosing excellent spots as well as suggestions of creative ideas about poses and gestures.  I very much enjoyed working with you."  Annika

"The arranging of the shoot was super easy and Sandra led the way in the timings so as to get the best possible light.  The photography session was very stress free, relaxed and often led by the child's or family's interests."  Nicky